Hops 2017/ New Trellis

Oh my god Myrtle! He’s posting about his bloody hops again. hop-bin-frame-pic

Yes, sorry, it’s what I do.  It’s that time of year and after last years trellis didn’t work out so well, I decided some changes were in order.   To start, I found a new source of wood near my workplace so I was swimming in 8ft lengths of wood.  I also managed to get some nut and bolt hardware leftover from a server that was delivered to my workplace.

It was easy enough to drill some holes and I cut the ends of the uprights to lock together.  First one went and lined up fine.  Second one was almost in place when the knothole near the bolted parts gave way and I had to give up for the evening.

Second try- decided to start from scratch again with a fresh set of wood and using the same bolts.

The iron rings were pulled off a couple pallets and seem to work pretty good as a dry pulley system for the crossbar to be raised with.  The lockdown bolts and nuts worked great and the beams were straight as could be.

The holes that were dug last year apparently were good for collecting water.  Right now the water table is extremely high in my yard (good for the hops).  Had to bail out the holes and then stood the uprights and packed around the base with dirt.  They go into the ground about 4 feet.  The crossbar was drilled with multiple holes and I’ve used parachute cord as the climbing wires for the hops.  I’m hoping they won’t be too slippery but if they are, I can lower the crossbar and be able to change them out with little effort.

The wires were strung and then the whole bar was hoisted up to the top and secured by tying the ropes off to the base of the upright.  These are about half the thickness of previous years and with the dry pulley and a couple guide ropes on the side, we should have better results this year with growth and ability to control the bugs.  Stay tuned for results.

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