Hops for 2019

Gardening is hard.  You see these pics of people’s gardens online and they are absolutely amazing.   They live in a temperate landscape and they are growing olive trees and pineapple and have fresh oranges for breakfast every day.   Then I look at my garden and wonder why the only thing I can grow is grass and goldenrod.  It’s a time thing, and even though I work from home, I have very little time.  My wife helps but between the two of us we’re lucky to be able to grow anything edible.   We introduced mints to our garden because they were low maintenance.  Not only did they flourish, they’ve gone to the other side and are now weed status.

My beloved hops given to me many years ago are the exception.  I have had them on the same spot of land for close to 15 years and it may be time to relocate or replant the hops.  This year ended up being a low maintenance year.  I watered them well, I encouraged them to grow up the strings but we started with very little sun, a lot of water and not much else.

The ground is probably at the end of it’s nutrient levels.  15 years will strip a lot of nitrogen and minerals along with whatever water is in the area.  The water will replenish but I’m thinking before it gets too much colder I should remove the root system of the hops, add a ton of fertilizer, rototill the heck out of it, and then bed it all down for the winter.


This years batch was barely a pound.  In years past we’ve seen a slow decline from 2 full 5 gallon buckets, down to this pot of hops which will be frozen and probably used in one batch of beer.

Fear not, this leads to more information about hops for next year.


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