No rest for the Brewer

You would think I’d get some time to be able to kick back and relax after obtaining the Master Brewer rank and then doing moderately well at Pennsic to boot.  But no.

As soon as the last of the Pennsic garb was washed and folded and all the camping equipment was put away, it was September and my Son had his Eagle Ceremony, then we went to Endewearde Hunt, then was the Barony of Stonemarche’s 30th or so Birthday.

This doesn’t sound so busy but in between all this stuff my job is getting busier because they’ve again decided to change the way we handle our work and my wife tells me we haven’t seen the inlaws in a while so we have to do that as well.

That last part actually has a lot of benefits.  My wife’s parents have a huge piece of property and with it come a lot of Elderberries and Apples.

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Yes it’s September ushering in Fall and fresh fruit is literally falling off the tree at me.  18lbs of Highbush Cranberries harvested by myself over an hour from a giant bush in my Mother-In-Law’s backyard.  Crab Apples and regular Apples growing from various trees all over the property and a few drops from the neighbor’s yard as well.  So we’ve got 2 Carboys full of Highbush Cranberry Wine and a Carboy with a mixed wild apple cider later to be sweetened with my signature Maple Syrup adjunct.

But wait there’s more!  The day in October I was going to work on brewing, my neighbor also offered me most of the peaches from his peach tree.  Apparently his wife is tired of peaches and wanted someone to come take away most of them.

Currently I have 1 carboy mostly full of English style peach juices slowly fermenting away and today at lunch I hand crushed the remaining peaches with my trusty brewing stick and added yeast in the hopes of creating a more full bodied peach wine.  These may end up getting blended if one is too weak and the other too thick.  Time will tell.

Alas, October brings brightly colored leaves and the smell of coffee filled with Pumpkin Spices; which means Stingy Jack (my Robust Pumpkin Porter) will rear his thick foamy head after the sacrifice of one Princess………Pumpkin.

Such a beautiful sight to see as it percolates in it’s fermenter.

With the frost soon coming, I felt it was probably prudent to harvest the last of the long suffering rhubarb and see if I can’t get a late season batch of Rhubarb wine going to guarantee that next years Great Northeastern War has enough beverage to get us through and maybe even Harper’s Retreat and next years Endewearde Hunt.

Last but by no means least, due to the success of my Roman Wine at Pennsic this year, I had to go back and get more grapes to start next years batch of Roman wine.  I am making three batches this time.  The first is a Shiraz Grape, the second is a combination of 3 different types of red grapes and the third is the remains of both grapes squeezed together for the secondary pressing I am referring to as Slave Wine

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At this point my kitchen now has about 8 containers happily bubbling along with 3 wine vats in the basement and 2 carboys clarifying in the backside of the basement.  This doesn’t include the 7 out of 8 kegs I currently have full of beverage ready for Birka 2020.

Yes, I’m maxed out and have no other containers available for brewing at this time.  People need to drink some of this stuff before I can think of making anything else.  If you aren’t already following the Inn of Bard’s Rest FB page, go here  to find out where the Bar will be at what event. We’d love for you to try some and tell us what you think.


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