n the beginning: Bard’s Rest was formed from 5 individuals: Kythe Szubielka, Sine Ruadh Friseal, Pumita de Barcelona, Ruadh Cruadh Macfrode, and Laurel of Devon one snowy night in January 2000. They came together with the idea of creating a Household centered around an Inn atmosphere. All were entertainers pursuing different avenues of the Bardic Arts. It was later expanded to entertainers and brewers.

February 2000, the Bard’s Rest Website went up and along with a Household listing, Patrons (Friends who are Bardic) page was listed, Symposium classes were started. Also a links page was created.

April 1, 2000, Kythe and Sine move from the Gate City of the Barony of Stonemarche to their new location and thus establish the physical location of the Inn.

June 2000, Bard’s Rest Camps together at Midsummers and helped with the Bardic Circle after the “Storm of 2pm” strikes and wipes out half the event. Consequently, two new folks are met: Richard du Perche and Tatyanna of Stonemarche.

Sept 2000, Kythe is selected to become Queen Isabella of York’s Foole, along with his various Largess, a Household Mascott: Richard Adam Thomas becomes part of the Household. Richard is a Rat with an Elizabethan Rat Personae, living in the walls of Queen Elizabeth’s Castle. He soon gains his own page listing shortly there after.

Dec 2001, Sine runs Yule for the Barony of Stonemarche, McFrode, Laurel, Jocelyn and Sine along with various other Musicians create the “Stonemarche Part Time Players”. This name is soon dropped and replaced with Sir Robin’s Minstrels

January 2001, Richarde Du Perche and Tatiyana host Bard’s Rest, some Patrons, and the Baron at their home. Much merriment is enjoyed.

June 2001, Richarde Du Perche and Tatiyana are inducted into the Household at the one year anniversary of Midsummers.

June 28, 2001, Azis the Knife, Son of Kythe and Sine is born into the world and consequently gets into the Household the easy way.

Sept 2001, Bard’s Rest attends Harper’s Retreat and Kythe, stealing two members of “Sir Robins Minstrels” (Ruadh Cruadh McFrode and Lady Jocelyn), wins the Filk Competition for his newest hit: “Cover of the CIG” A song based on the Dr Hook 70’s Hit “Cover of the Rolling Stone”

December 23,2001, Bard’s Rest hosts the Barony of Stonemarche Yule in Londonderry NH. The event started at 10am and went until 9pm. Tax Court was all day, we had a visit from St Nicholas (the actual one/ ok well it was Richard Du Perche in disguise but you know what I mean). Many children received puppets or boffer weapons to help boost the Page program.

February 9,2002 The Household collects once again at Richard Du Perche and Tatiyanna of Stonemarche’s house for their anual day of drinking, music, eating and this year it was twice as large as last year. Much camraderie was enjoyed and Isibeal Benet was officially welcomed as a Member of the Household.

June 2002, Kythe Szubielka, Sine Ruadh Friseal, and Kris Spinster all receive the Order of the Millstone

August 2002 Pennsic Bound! Most of the Household of Bards Rest goes to Pennsic. Do not ask the following questions:

  • Who’s in Rosalyn’s Tent?
  • Why is Kythe chasing Mac with those huge underwear?
  • Is anyone beside Mac and Heidi in that huge Viking Tent?
  • Do you think Xavier and Maria would make good Baron and Baroness?
  • Whats in a “Dirty Scott”?
  • What’s Woad Night?

Needless to say a good time was had by all even if we didn’t get enough sleep because we were right next to the highway and the trucks seemed to think the rumble strip was mandatory.

August 2002 Kythe is summoned once again to the court of Isabella and Icefalcon for their second reign.

Sept 2002, Our beloved Isobel has been accepted to University of Wyoming. With final adios, she drives to the Outlands and her new Kingdom. Good Luck Isobel!

Sept 2002, Kythe and the rest of Bard’s Rest are the staff for Harper’s Retreat. There were a few small issues such as parking problems and lack of water on one side of the camp, however, the Household pulled through and a good time was had by most if not all of the attendees. Ruadh Cruadh Macfrode MC’d the Bardic Circles both nights. When he did his performance last in the competition, little did he know that he would them become our Newest Baronial Bard of Stonemarche. In further news, Sine Ruadh Friseal, Kythe Szubielka, and Kristen Spinster were all inducted into the Order of the Millstone

Oct 2002, Macfrode receives the Companion of the Troubadour and Kris Spinster gets her Award of Arms

December 2002, The Bards Rest T-shirt is presented as gifts to all current Members and Patrons of the Household. Isobel joined us on her Christmas Break.

February 2003 BIRKA! What an event, our first year at the Center of NH location and it was HUGE! Everyone was working on something. Sine on A&S, Mac and Heidi on the Bardic Coffee Shoppe, Richard and Tatiyana on Security, Kythe was attached to the Royals. Even Isobel’s old dress was working hard as part of Gold Key. A very busy event but very fun. Kythe was elevated to the Queens Order of Courtesy.

A week later we were Back to Richard Du Perche and Tatiyanna of Stonemarche’s house for their annual day of leisure and entertainment. Boy was it well deserved.

June 2003, Midsummers Event. Once again the Household rallied to the call from the Barony as a unique situation was afoot; Baron Harold and Baroness Megan have decided to step down. In their place arises their heirs Baron Juan Lazaro Ramirez Xavier and Baronessa Maria Pagani (NO BETS, I REPEAT, NO BETS WERE PLACED PREVIOUS TO THIS EVENT WHO THE FINAL WINNERS WOULD BE/ SEE PENNSIC AUG 2002)

In other news, Kythe’s Queen’s Order of Courtesy Glove disapeared. It was later found by the Mongol Batujin Nassan who got it from the Pirate ship “Scorned Lady” and sumarily extorted it back to the Barony.

August 2003, Harper’s Retreat “The Sequel”. Kythe once again Autocrats Harpers with much assistance from both Members and Patrons of the Household. Our very own Caera na Cridi Treuin won the competition to become our newest Baronial Bard. Our own Ruadh Cruadh Macfrode was absconded with by Capt. Cassandra Hobbes of the “The Scorned Lady”. He was returned to us shortly there after because he kept mispronouncing the name of the ship.

March 2004, Tax Court- The Household stepped forward and payed their taxes to the Baron and Baronessa. To thank us, they arrested Mac & Laurel twice (once for non-payment of taxes through storytellers Guilde and once due to their affiliation with the Scorned Lady/ I told them but do they listen to me? Nooooooo!). As such they are now responsible for teaching classes and a new story based on Kythe’s plight:

They also presented in court the missing Queens Order of Courtesy Glove to Kythe and deeded him with 3 tasks- 1) Create a beverage both Sweet and Fruity, 2) Teach 3 Classes in either Brewing or Storytelling, and 3) Create a song/poem/story about Courtesy.

Additionally to this Laird Ruadh Cruadh Macfrode was inducted into the Order of the Millstone.

April 2004, Macfrode is inducted into the Order of the Millstone

Sept 2004, Harper’s Retreat 7- Again a combined effort of the Household pulled of a spectacular Bardic Event. We saw Master Aleksandr Ruslanovich (known as Yevsha) win both the Sharpened Wit and Baronial Bard of Stonemarche. Amanda of Stonemarche aka the “Purple Terror” win Silver Tongue. As a thank you for running Harpers Retreat for the third year, Kythe was honored with the Feast in his native homeland foods and his Unpassed Arms done in Marzipan


April, 2005, Bard’s Rest’s Two Prong Attack- Kythe, Sine, and Justin, assist with the Arts and Science Display at Old Hampshire Faire and show their support to the Soon-to-be-Incipient, College of St Cuthbert at Olde Hampshire Faire. The Faire is a Demo to help drum up support for more College students into the UNHMRC (University of NH Medieval Renaisance Club). Meanwhile Macfrode, Heidi, Julian and Cynric went to the Golden Tyger Tavern where they subjected themselves to unspeakable Horrors while trying to maintain their good name. (Yah right!).

May 2005, BEWARE THE CHAIR!- A new Twist in the Bard’s Rest History. We actually now have a travelling bar. It’s made in a 12th century style using Linseed Oil and poured Wax over the top of the bar. The whole bar folds up into a square 4×6 and travels on the trailer behind Kythe’s Caravan. Fun to ensue!

June 2005, BEWARE T


HE CHAIR 1- Midsummers. The first showing of the bar. On tap we had Brown Ale, Hard Maple Cider, Cranberry Mead, and Grapefruit Sekanjabin. Along with a professionally produced meade from Picassic Pond Winery we also had a full bodied Chianti and another Heroic Mead made by our own Cynric the Dabbler. Last call was at 2am and there were still people having a good time.

July 2005, BEWARE THE CHAIR 2- Great Northeastern War. The second showing of the bar took on a more cultured atmosphere. Again on tap we had the Brown Ale, Hard Maple Cider, Cranberry Mead, and Grapefruit Sekanjabin. We also had assistance from Lord Gunnviðr Ormgeirsson who had a modern day bar setup. So whether you wanted a Cranberry Mead or a Comfortable Screw Mexican Style up against the Wall…. we had you covered. This party was mostly for the Landed Baron’s of the East Kingdom known as House Runnymede.

July 2005, BEWARE THE CHAIR 3- The Pittsfield Demo. Our barony was asked to attend an “Old Homes Days” event at one of the towns inside our Barony’s Borders. Pittsfield NH invited us to help with their “King Arthur” themed event. The bar could not have alcohol, however, we made 4 different types of sekanjabin to sell in the hopes of recooping some of our costs. Sadly to say, it was a bust. We barely made enough to cover gas costs to get to the event. Although the dinner they served us and the Fireworks that evening made it a fun day.

Oct 2005, Lord Uilliam McGregor and Renee of Endewearde tie the knot! The Household increases by 2.

Jan 4 2006, Greetings and Good Tidings! Another new Household member gets in the easy way. Morrigan of Stonemarche is born to Kythe and Sine.

June 2006 Kris Spinster receives her Order of the Maunche at Midsummers

At this point it was easier to update through a livejournal link. All future bar related events were listed in Kythe’s Livejournal (whos LJ name is Jackoutofthebox) Under the heading “Beware the Chair”. These updates continued from Jan 2006 to Jan 2010.

June 2007, Macfrode is inducted to the Companion of Terpsichore.

June 2009 to June 2014 The Household was dormant due to Kythe taking on the mantle of Seneschal for the Barony of Stonemarche. The Inn of Bard’s Rest has never been political so the Inn fell by the wayside for a while.

June 2010, Cassandra Hobbes receives her Order of the Furisine

April 2012, the old website is no longer being updated and Facebook is now the latest popular media format. The Inn of Bard’s Rest now has a FB Page. All further updates for Household events can be found there.

June 2012, Kythe is asked and accepts the position of Northern Region Warden of the East Kingdom Brewer’s Guilde

August 2012, Kythe is accepted as a new apprenticeship to Mistress Suzanne Nueber de Londres.

January 2013, Azis the Knife is inducted into the Order of the Tiger Cub for his help in the kitchens and cleaning sites after events are over.

January 2013, Baron Juan Lazaro Ramirez Xavier and Baronessa Maria Pagani have stepped down from the thrones of the Barony. They are replaced by Baron Dorio of the Oaks and Baroness Jocelynn del Espada. Kythe and the rest of the Officers of Stonemarche swear fealty to their new Baron & Baroness.

February 2013, Sine Ruadh Friseal is inducted into the Order of the Lamp of Apollo

April 23, 2013,  This Blog was started to act as a library for all the findings and research I came across through the years.  It’s probably only about 1/3 the stuff I actually pursue but it’s the creme of the crop for articles I put together.

June 2013, Kythe has been inducted into the Order of the Lamp of Apollo

Aug 2013, Kris Spinster has been inducted into the Order of the Lamp of Apollo. Argus of the Seven Hills won the Golden Arrow (Novice Archery Tourney)

June 2014, Kythe has stepped down from the Seneschal position and the Inn of Bard’s Rest is on it’s way back to being the Household it once was.

Somnier Cup Medalion

Somnier Cup Medalion

August 2015, Pennsic: Kythe receives his Maunche for his knowledge and skill in medieval brewing and also wins the Beer Category at the Casa de Bardicci competition.


Feb 6, 2016, Spyridon Tou Nkrizou Lykou and Onarah Frizzel become official members of the household

Sept 2016, Rhuadh Cruadh Macfrode runs for and wins Baronial Bard of Stonemarche again!

January 2017, Seigine Ruadh Friseal is recognized with an invitation to the Order of the Silver Crescent for her work with the Fashion Show at Birka and her years of Service as A&S Minister to the Barony.

February 1,2017, Argus crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan 31,2017. We look forward to when we can join him and drink and revel in our adventures

May 27, 2017 Lady Solveig Bjornsdottr gets her Troubador

August 2017, At Pennsic Kythe is recognized as Brewer to the King, Won the Beer division at the Bardicci Brewing competition and panelled a Braggot that got him to the Craftsman level of the Brewing Guilde.

January 2018, Aziz the Knife and Morgana of Stonemarche are inducted as Premiers (along with Gideon of House Strangeways) of the Tibula Rasa award. This is a new award specifically for members of the Barony of Stonemarche kids (under 18) who are involved with serving, setup and other various tasks to help make Stonemarche events happen. We are so proud!

Feb 2018, Two new members join the household:

  • Lord Wladislaw Nyilas
  • Lady Aibinn Ingen Eremon

April 14,2018, Spyridon Tou Nkrizou Lykou gains the rank of Brewer in the East Kingdom Brewers’ Guild at the EKBG Collegium held in Canton of Northpass (Peekskill NY )

June 6,2018 Lady Solveig Bjornsdottr gets her Silver Brooch

July 14,2018 Pan Kythe celebrates his 50th Birthday at GNEW

Sept 3,2018 Lady Solveig Bjornsdottr was welcomed into the Order of the Lamp of Apollo for her work in encouraging Bardic. She received the award at Harper’s Retreat.

Dec 2018 Can you believe it’s been 17 years since we had Bards Rest T-shirts? This won’t do. Sine and I gave out new Tshirts.

Feb 23,2019 Lady Solveig Bjornsdottr receives her Order of the Golden Lyre

May 25,2019 Pan Kythe was ranked as East Kingdom Brewers’ Guild “Master”

Aug 31,2019 THL Kristen Spinster is recognized for all her work as assistant Merchant-o-Crat at Birka and many other times where she’s been there for folks in need of medical attention. She was inducted into the order of the Silver Crescent.

Oct 19,2019 After many requests to multiple Monarchs, we have finally seen Spyridon Tou Nkrizou Lykou‎‎ and Onara Frizzel‎ receive the accolades they richly deserve. Onara was recognized for her artistic talent and received her AoA, becoming a Lady of the Society. Spyridon was recognized for his talent at Brewing and received his Silver Brooch which also confers an AoA making him a Lord of the Society. Congrats!

March 3, 2020 Lady Solveig Bjornsdottr gets her Silver Wheel. Well deserved!

March 13,2020 THE GREAT PLAGUE:   We mourn the loss of all those friends we have lost during this time.  This disease which hides among us and puts our elders and youth at risk.  We pray it ends soon.